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Reviewer: Client

What an excellent experience it was to work with Jeremy Shannon of Build with Prospect on the gut renovation of two full bathrooms in our prewar co-op apartment. Jeremy worked in a consultative, collaborative approach with us to transform a wide-ranging wish list of ideas to a fully realized, precise bathroom design that has proven to be both beautiful and practical. In addition to his architectural design, he effectively handled the bidding process with a number of general contractors to help us select the right work crew.

Jeremy was even more valuable in overseeing the construction work. Problems in complex renovation projects are to be expected; what impressed us was how Jeremy resolved problems in a soft-spoken but firm way with the other service providers and vendors to protect us, his clients. Each day when we see our beautiful bathrooms we are reminded of the fine work that Jeremy designed and supervised. I highly--and enthusiastically--recommend Jeremy.

Reviewer: decoworks

Relationship: Client and Colleague

I am a design professional and also personally hired Build With Prospect-- a sustainable design-build worker cooperative devoted to creating low energy buildings. Jeremy and the rest of the team fill a need that is largely unmet in the NYC area--they understand historic preservation, they understand passive house restoration and they listen to their client's needs. They are not green-washers--they are true believers.

The challenge was to insulate a 19th century row house in NYC without destroying carved window surrounds and other historic materials. Most firms would not have even attempted this because they don't have workers that are comfortable working with delicate carvings and detailing. Jeremy and the team managed to insulate by carefully taking down the window surrounds and other detailing, blowing in spray foam or cellulose insulation and carefully re-installing the carvings and patching holes. They accomplished this task while i lived there and were neat and tidy. Best of all, my heating bills decreased 16% (normalized for weather) and I am more comfortable!

Reviewer: Client, Brandon Kessler

Build with Prospect are superb and I highly recommend them. Jeremy is experienced enough to know how things should be done properly, but still takes great pride and passion in his work and isn't like a lot of jaded architects who just want to get your money and move on to the next.

They have a wonderful combination of great taste, experience, and passion, along with super-reasonable pricing which is so rare of a find. Add to that their expertise is sustainability and eco-friendly construction -- in a way that doesn't cost a lot of money -- and they get our highest rating.

Reviewer: Client, montre77

My wife and I hired Jeremy Shannon and Prospect Architecture to both design and manage the complete green restoration of a 4 story Brownstone. While not a complete "gut-renovation", the work was close to it with walls being opened up, floors re-done, a full kitchen re-design , a bathroom being moved, a cellar being finished , a solar thermal system installed, all new plumbing and electric put in, all while restoring many period details as well as aiming for Passive House certification.

We hired Jeremy after having interviewed a substantial number of other architects and found that the great majority of them only paid lip-service to the idea of doing a Green renovation. They would mention small consumer details like recycled countertops but not have any over-arching vision or passion for Green design. In contrast, Jeremy introduced us to the idea of Passive House (http://www.passivehouse.us/passiveHouse/PassiveHouseInfo.htm) and its much more rigorous and scientific approach and we got swept up by his enthusiasm as well as his ability to communicate with us in a straight forward way. That ability to communicate with us in a comfortable, honest way was ultimately the deciding factor for us knowing that we were facing a difficult, expensive, and time consuming project.

We have been living in the house now for 4 years and remain delighted with the work that Prospect achieved on our project. While the period details of our Brownstone were impressively restored , Prospect also managed to achieve a house that functions in a modern, cost-effective, and radically Green way.

We would enthusiastically recommend Jeremy and his team at Prospect Architecture for anyone interested in forward-thinking , environmentally-conscious design and construction.

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